Android v7.2.0

Version 7.2.0 contains a fix for the Store screen, which stopped working soon after version 7 was released. It uses the code from version 6, combined with the improved user interface of version 7.

The billing library has been rolled back to version 3, but there was no deadline for version 4 anyway. This will give me more time to focus on the new Dropbox API.

The new release also uses a permanent SSL certificate provided by the web host, rather than the temporary one provided by Apache. This may help with some devices.

iOS Client


My iOS development environment is exactly as I left it, but the code is not in good condition. I had converted the Dropbox screen to use iCloud as an alternative data source, but had not tested it. Unfortunately I no longer have a copy of the code that worked with v1 of the API.

I will leave this on hold, while I get on with the more important task of updating the PHP code on the web server. There are also a few minor changes to be made to the Android client.

Design change

I have finished removing the redundant features from the Android app, and eliminated the use of external storage. But it needs Google Drive to be viable, so it will be included in version 7.0.0.

I will be adding Drive support to the SD Card module, and changing the name to Files. The menu will be as follows:

  • Database
    • Save
    • Upload
    • Download
    • Restore
  • Images
    • Download
    • Create Thumbnails

The functions in italics are new.