Server options

The Sales Manager is a cloud based client server system. It allows the salesmen to download product and customer data from a web server, take orders in the field, and upload them back to the server.

Vanguard Software provides a hosting service. Each company has its own virtual server, which can it can maintain using a web application. Our Management Console allows companies to upload and download data in CSV format. They can also edit their databases directly, and perform various management functions. Companies pay a fixed monthly or annual fee for the use of this service.

Vanguard Software also provides both PHP/MySQL and ASP.Net/SQL Server scripts for companies that choose to manage their own web servers. The server software can be installed in either a PHP/MySQL or IIS/ASP.Net environment. This requires a lot more effort than using our own server, but it does allow companies to integrate our database with their existing applications. Companies pay a license fee for each mobile device that they use.

the client can be run in stand alone mode if preferred. Some server based features, such as sales totals and stock control, are not available. Users are strongly advised to purchase the Backup Data option