Hosting service

Vanguard Software runs a hosting service, that makes it very easy for companies to set up their own virtual web servers. The flow of data is shown in the diagram above. Customer and product data is uploaded to the hosting service, and then downloaded onto phones and tablets. Users in the field use this data to take orders, and upload them to the web server.

The virtual web server is maintained using the management console. This is a web application that can be run in any browser, making it a completely cloud based solution. The system uses the Unicode character set throughout, so all languages are supported. The management console uploads and downloads data in CSV format. Complete instructions can be found in the user manual.

Subscriptions to the hosting service can be purchased in our online store. Both monthly and annual subscriptions are available, and the price depends on the number of users. A link to the login page for the hosting service can be found to the right of every page in this web site.

Please note that some features of the mobile app require in-app purchases. These are not included in the price of a subscription, and have to be bought separately.