To do list

About this list

This is a list of all the outstanding work for the Sales Manager system. Urgent and important items are marked as such. Users who wish to add to this list, or who have any other recommendations, should contact the developer.

Android client

    1. Finish removing the customer map, including the code, the libraries and the permissions. It was a very neat party trick, but difficult to implement in practice. Plus Google kept changing the APIs, in an effort the services.
    2. Tidy up the new permission for account management? It should be as unobtrusive as possible, as it will only be used by the developer.
    3. IMPORTANT* Remove the camera scanning feature. The dynamics of its use are against it, not to mention the difficulty of actually getting it to work in the first place.

iOS client

  1. *URGENT* Replace the Dropbox functions with iCloud ones.
  2. Remove the customer map? Similar conditions apply here, with Apple having ditched Google in favour of its own services.
  3. *IMPORTANT* Try to implement something analogous to the Navigation Drawer on the Android client. This is important, because it would make the app much easier to use.


  1. *IN PROGRESS* Add more How To and Info articles.
  2. *IMPORTANT* Rewrite the user manual.
  3. Scrap the guidebook?
  4. *IMPORTANT* Update the listings on Google Play and the App Store.
  5. Convert the VB.Net assembly to C#.Net (low priority).