WordPress 5.0

WordPress is due to be upgraded to version 5.0 on November 27, 2018. It is slated as a major new release, but there is little that will affect the overall look and feel of WordPress sites:

  • There is a new block editor, that WP pompously calls Gutenberg. Lots of people are grumbling about it, but I do not anticipate any problems myself, and it will not affect the site directly.
  • There is a new official theme called Twenty Nineteen.

This site uses a heavily customised child version of the Twenty Sixteen theme. I had issues with the Twenty Seventeen theme, and there was no Twenty Eighteen. I will check out the Twenty Nineteen theme, but given the investment I have already made in the current theme, I would be reluctant to switch. The main motivation would be responsiveness, i.e. the ability to work on smaller screens. But the current site looks OK on my elderly Nexus 4, with its 4.7″ screen.

Just to clarify, the main website runs WordPress, but the hosting service does not.

Author: Philip Sheard

Philip Sheard has been working in IT for over 40 years, and on this project for the last 20. His current skills include Java, Android, Objective-C, iOS, PHP, MySQL, ASP.Net, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, Apache and WordPress.