Uploading a CSV file

This form allows you to upload data to your virtual web server. The data must be in a file on your computer, in CSV format. It must also contain a header line, with the names of the fields that you want to upload. Most fields are optional, and can be omitted if not used.

The fields are as follows:

Field Usage Default
Table The table to upload your data to. Choose a name from the drop-down list.
File Selects a CSV file on your computer.
Encoding Refers to the character set of the CSV file, which can either be ANSI or UTF-8. ANSI
Convert case If checked, fields will be converted to upper case, title case or sentence case, depending on their usage. checked
Trim spaces If checked, trailing spaces will be stripped strip from all fields. checked
Delete existing rows If checked, all the data in the table will be removed before the data in the CSV file is inserted. checked

N.B. The form will stop uploading data after ten errors have occurred.

Author: Philip Sheard

Philip Sheard has been working in IT for over 40 years, and on this project for the last 20. His current skills include Java, Android, Objective-C, iOS, PHP, MySQL, ASP.Net, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, Apache and WordPress.