Stand Alone Use

Data Flow

One of the features of the Sales manager is that most of the data can be entered directly by the user, instead of being downloaded from a web server. This allows the Sales Manager mobile app to be used in stand alone mode, without a web server. This is a popular option with single users, who are happy to enter all their data directly on the device, and who do not want the additional complication of a web server.

Because the Sales Manager is a multi-user system, some of the queries in the mobile app have to be run on the web server. For a stand-alone user, these queries will not return any results.

Please note that some features of the mobile app require in-app purchases. These are not included in the price of a subscription, and have to be bought separately. Without a server, backing up the database is particularly important. Users can save their databases to a Dropbox account, by purchasing the Backup Data option.