In-app Purchases

Store screenStore Screen

A number of options require in-app purchases, that must be made using the Store screen (right). These purchases are in adition to any server options that the user or his company may have bought.

One-off Purchases

The in-app purchases only have to be made once, for each Google Play or iTunes account. Any number of devices can use the account, even if they were not used to make the original purchase.

  1. You only need to make one purchase, to use an option on your tablet as well as your phone.
  2. If you replace a device, you can restore all your purchases, without having to pay for them again.
  3. If you are a system administrator, can restore all the purchases you have made on to any number of devices

Restoring Purchases

To restore your purchases, tap the Restore button in the action bar or navigation bar. This will restore all the purchases that you have made, for your current Google Play or iTunes account.


Please note that we are not able to process refunds, for either Google Play or iTunes.